Why Choose Us

Alighieri Care Management was founded by Ruth Lippin in 2007. The mission was to build a team of professional, skilled, and compassionate care managers, who would advocate for their clients as if they were their own family members. Alighieri clients benefit daily from this personalized and thoughtful approach to care management.

Other benefits of working with Alighieri Care Management include:

Experienced care management team

Our experience and expertise give you the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is getting the best care available.

Client advocacy

We will advocate for your loved ones to get the highest quality of care and all the benefits to which they are entitled.

Regular communication

Family members and/or loved ones are always kept updated and are included in making decisions about care.

Compassion and patience

You and your loved one are emotionally supported and valued throughout the entire care process.

Knowledge of local resources and providers

You have access to the best care available.

Customized, flexible services

Concierge-style services are tailored to your loved one’s specific and changing needs.

24/7 crisis management

Feel secure knowing that Alighieri Care Management will be there in an emergency.