Older couple looking at paperwork.

Care Management

A care manager is an advocate who will help ensure your or your loved one’s health, social, financial and legal needs are being met. Our extensive knowledge of services and resources enables Alighieri Care Management to transform lives and have people achieve their potential.

Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • Conducting assessments of the living environment, medical situation, financial needs, legal representation, and any other concerns you have
  • Screening, hiring, and monitoring in-home help, as well as overseeing the care offered by additional care professionals
  • Making referrals to and coordinating medical services, accompanying clients to appointments, and communicating with the family regarding medical care
  • Advocating for clients to ensure they are not discharged too early from the hospital and are receiving the care, benefits, and treatment to which they are entitled
  • Acting as the eyes and ears for families who live far away, quickly alerting them to problems
  • Meeting regularly with families to assist with decisions about current and future care needs
  • 24/7 crisis intervention 
  • Introducing community resources designed to help with the needs of our clients
  • Reviewing financial and legal issues with referrals to appropriate professionals
  • Assisting with moves to new living environments as needed, always focusing on independence, autonomy and developing a stimulating community of friends for the client
  • Providing assistance with financial needs, including budgeting, paying bills, and getting the appropriate benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, or supplemental insurance
  • Assistance with long-term care insurance
  • Providing therapy, counseling and mediation services for our clients and their families