People with Disabilities

man sitting in a wheelchair while loading the dishwasherWhether you are an individual with a disability or a family member of someone who is disabled, Alighieri’s experienced care managers make sure you get the services and resources you need to live independently.

We learn about your unique needs and create a plan of care. You decide the amount of help you want from us. Our goals are to reduce your costs, create safe environments, promote independence, and support everyone involved. We offer our full experience to you so that you can benefit from what we already know.

Some of the specific ways we help include:

  • Acting as an advocate with governmental and other agencies to ensure clients receive the highest level of benefits and care
  • Creating a care plan to meet financial, social, housing and medical needs
  • Accompanying client to medical appointments 
  • Coordinating medical care
  • Hiring and overseeing home care
  • Locating and coordinating activities and other social opportunities 
  • Providing 24/7 crisis management support